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Quality products including Premium Vape Juice Brands, The Latest Vape Mods & New Exciting Products added monthly.

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24 hour customer support. Easy access to product information, shipping inquires, Online assistance and member benefits

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Exclusive member only benefits, rare products, coupon codes, express shipping and priority customer support

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We offer the lowest pricing found anywhere else online or in stores on the highest quality products available today.

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Our brand specializes in only providing high quality and luxury brand products to the smoking and vape community. Everyday we are changing the way people see vaping and we want to continue to create an intellectual, rich and sexy depiction of the industry across the United States. As our brand grows we will continue to provide unique and luxurious products to our members. We want to be sure we can provide our members a one stop shopping experience on high quality items. We currently offer products in a wide range of categories including Vaping, E-Cigarettes, Tobacco, CBD and Hookah, providing a one stop shopping experience on high quality products for everyone. Our close relationship with industry leaders allows us to provide our members amazing pricing found nowhere else online or in stores. We have plans to continue to expand and welcome new investors in the growth of our company across the United States.

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Community & Culture

Political groups vilify The Vape and Smoke Market and seek to judge consumers. Yet, Our company does not see Both Smoking and Vaping as something to be ashamed of or some terrible habit, but as a great part of American Culture. We see nothing wrong with the relaxing draw and peace of mind that comes from a rich smoke. Obviously Public Health and Responsible Consumer Use is Our very top concern, but not in the form of judgment or condemnation. We love Our Members and we our proud of the Quality Products We sell and what they do to help Our Customers. We hope you feel welcome here and please let us know if we can do anything to make your shopping experience better – your happiness means everything to us. We are proud to be working in this industry and will continue to provide our members the very best. Here at Smokin Aces we say, Smoke On!

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The pact act, how its killing the vaping industry!

The vape industry is being brought down by unnecessary and and unpredictable regulation. In an attempt to counter underage sales of vape products, the United State Government has create aggressive new vaping regulations. Not only have these laws done NOTHING to prevent minors from getting their hands on vape products, but it has put countless shops out of business for good.

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